Edward Stone

(1702—1768) Church of England clergyman and discoverer of the active ingredient in aspirin

'Edward Stone' can also refer to...

Edward Stone Shaw (1908—1994)

Edward Durrell Stone (1902—1978)

Edward James Stone (1831—1897) astronomer

Stone, Edward Durell

STONE, Arthure Edward (1852 - 1927)

Stone, Edward Durrell (1902–78)

Stone, Edward Durrell (9 March 1902)

Stone, Edward Durell (1902–78)

Shaw, Edward Stone (1908–94)

Stone, Edward Durell (1902–78)

Stone, Edward Durrell (1902 - 1978), architect

Stone, Edward James (1831-1897), astronomer

STONE, Edward James (1831 - 1897), Dr Nat. Phil. Padua, etc.; Radcliffe Observer, Oxford from 1879

STONE, Edward Albert (1844 - 1920), Lieutenant-Governor of Western Australia since 1906

STONES, Edward Lionel Gregory (1914 - 1987), Professor of Mediæval History, University of Glasgow, 1956–78, then Emeritus Professor

Stone, Edward (1702-1768), Church of England clergyman and discoverer of the active ingredient in aspirin

STONOR, Edward Alexander (1867 - 1940), late Chief Clerk and Taxing Master of Private Bills, House of Lords; retired 1932; Secretary of Anti-Socialist and Anti-Communist Union

SHIPWAY, Francis Edward (1875 - 1968), Consulting Anæsthetist and late Lecturer on Anæsthetics to Medical School, late Lecturer on Anæsthetics to Dental School, Guy’s Hospital; Consulting Anæsthetist St Peter’s Hospital for Stone; Hon. Member Assoc. Anæsthetists of Great Britain and Ireland; Fellow of Internat. Coll. of Anæsthesia

LETT, Hugh (1876 - 1964), Hon. Member Section of Urology; Hon. Member British Association Urological Surgeons; Hon. Member International Society of Urology; Hon. Fellow Hunterian Society; Vice-President St Peter’s Hospital for Stone; late Member Court of Assistants (late Master) Society of Apothecaries; late Hon. Sec., King Edward’s Hospital Fund for London; late Chm. Medical Advisory Cttee Royal Masonic Hosp.; late Pres. Marlburian Club; late Pres. Section of Surgery and Section of Urology, RSM; late Bradshaw Lecturer and Thomas Vicary Lecturer, RCS; Moynihan Lecturer, Univ. of Leeds, 1942; late External Examiner in Surgery, University of Leeds; late Member of Court of Examiners, RCS; Consulting Surgeon, Bushey Heath Cottage Hospital and King George Hospital, Ilford; Pres. and Orator, Hunterian Society; Vice-President Medical Society of London; late Assistant Surgeon, Belgrave Hospital for Children

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