systemic signalling

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systemic signalling

systemic signalling

Systemic low temperature signaling in Arabidopsis

Systemic signalling of environmental cues in Arabidopsis leaves

Signalling in systemic plant defence – roots put in hard graft

Phylogenomic Interrogation of Arachnida Reveals Systemic Conflicts in Phylogenetic Signal

Pulmonary Nanoparticle Exposure Disrupts Systemic Microvascular Nitric Oxide Signaling

Signals for local and systemic responses of plants to pathogen attack

The Use of Grafting to Study Systemic Signaling in Plants

Finding a nitrogen niche: a systems integration of local and systemic nitrogen signalling in plants

The regulation of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis by phosphate in pea involves early and systemic signalling events

Superoxide differentially controls pulmonary and systemic vascular tone through multiple signalling pathways

Inadequate induction of suppressor of cytokine signaling‐1 causes systemic autoimmune diseases

Spread the news: systemic dissemination and local impact of Ca2+ signals along the phloem pathway

Evidence for Physically Distinct Systemic Signalling Pathways in the Wounded Tomato Plant

Induction of root Fe(lll) reductase activity and proton extrusion by iron deficiency is mediated by auxin-based systemic signalling in Malus xiaojinensis

A mobile signal transported over a long distance induces systemic transcriptional gene silencing in a grafted partner

Systemic Resistance in Arabidopsis Conferred by the Mycorrhizal Fungus Piriformospora indica Requires Jasmonic Acid Signaling and the Cytoplasmic Function of NPR1

Root-mediated signal transmission of systemic acquired resistance against above-ground and below-ground pathogens


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The dissemination of chemical signals throughout a plant in response to injury or infection of part of the plant. The signals trigger a systemic defence response that helps the plant to combat spread of the infection or restrict further injury by herbivorous animals. For example, insects chewing on a leaf of a tomato plant elicit the release of a systemic signal that is transported throughout the plant and causes the plant to express genes encoding proteinase inhibitors that interfere with the insect's digestion. Foremost among these systemic signals are the jasmonates and a group of peptides called systemins. See also systemic acquired resistance.

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