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In Islamic theology, relegation of matters to God (tafwid al-amr li Allah). In law, delegation of power, authorization of an act, or issuance of a warrant for arrest. Often indicates a delegation of power in a procurement contract. It also indicates a type of legal partnership (sharikat mufawadah) in which the partners make an equal investment and share an equal interest in the profits and decision-making power. Also used to describe a type of divorce (talaq al-tafwid or tafwid al-talaq) in which the husband delegates a power of divorce (ismah) to his wife. The delegation may be made at the time the marriage is contracted, or upon the occurrence of certain circumstances, or at any time during the marriage. For instance, the parties may specify that if the husband takes a second wife, the first wife will automatically have the power to initiate a divorce, or that the wife has the power to initiate a divorce at any time without reason. Classical Muslim jurists debate the various types of delegations and the validity of each. Most Muslim countries permit this type of divorce in one form or another.

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