Tamuno Creates the World from Mud

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Tamuno, the supreme deity, the creator, created the world from mud. She has no husband. The lesser spirits are sometimes referred to as her children; she created them as she created everything else in the world. Tamuno is everywhere, and is associated with the sky, so “heaven” is another term commonly used to refer to the supreme being.

Everyone has his own personal Tamuno, whom he addresses as “My Tamuno, my mother.” A person's Tamuno creates him by joining his spirit to his body, keeps him alive by maintaining the bond between the two, and brings death by separating them. Before a person's spirit is joined to his body, it tells Tamuno what fortunes it wishes on earth. This is accepted by Tamuno, and the wishes in it become the individual's personal So. Henceforward, as his So, these wishes guide the entire course of his life. Though a man's career is in the hands of his So, he does not necessarily know what this holds in store for him, and he may not always take the trouble to find out.

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