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The founder of the Lü (Disciplinary) school (Chin., Lü-tsung) in Chinese Buddhism.a school that specialized in commenting on the monastic rules and procedures that governed life in temples and monasteries. Tao-hsüan's first contribution was to select the version of the monastic rules that would be employed in governing monastic life; among the various Vinayas that had been translated into Chinese by his day, he chose the Vinaya of the Indian Dharmaguptaka school, called the ‘Vinaya in Four Divisions’ (Chin., szu fen lü) as the most consistent and easy to apply, and he provided a commentary to guide others in its application. He is also renowned as the author of the Continued Biographies of Eminent Monks (Chin., Hsü kao seng chuan, Taishō 2060), a major source for biographical information on early Buddhist monks.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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