T cell receptor genes

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T cell receptor genes

T cell receptor genes

T cell receptor BV gene usage in interstitial cellular infiltrates in active Heymann nephritis

Analysis of the T-cell receptor Valpha repertoire and cytokine gene expression in Sjögren's syndrome.

IMGT/GENE-DB: a comprehensive database for human and mouse immunoglobulin and T cell receptor genes

Molecular mechanisms of T lymphocyte activation: convergence of T cell antigen receptor and IL-1 receptor-induced signaling at the level of IL-2 gene transcription

Skewed T‐cell receptor variable gene usage in the synovium of early and chronic rheumatoid arthritis patients and persistence of clonally expanded T cells in a chronic patient

Dual Rearrangement of Immunoglobulin and T-cell Receptor Genes in a Case of Philadelphia Chromosome-positive Acute Leukemia

Skewed T-cell receptor beta chain variable gene (TCRBV) usage among different clinical types of patients with chronic HBV infection

Evaluation of T Cell Receptor Gene Rearrangement Excision Circles after Antiretroviral Therapy in Children Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Decombinator: a tool for fast, efficient gene assignment in T-cell receptor sequences using a finite state machine

Evolutionary Dynamics of the T-Cell Receptor VB Gene Family as Inferred from the Human and Mouse Genomic Sequences

T cell re-targeting to EBV antigens following TCR gene transfer: CD28-containing receptors mediate enhanced antigen-specific IFNγ production

Stage-specific expression of mouse BST-1/BP-3 on the early B and T cell progenitors prior to gene rearrangement of antigen receptor

Development of a stably transfected estrogen receptor-mediated luciferase reporter gene assay in the human T47D breast cancer cell line.

A Dominant Transcriptional Silencer Located 5′ to the Human T-Cell Receptor V(β2.2 Gene Segment Which is Activated in Cell Lines of Thymic Phenotype


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Genes that encode the component polypeptides of T cell receptors (q.v.). There are two types of receptors: those containing an alpha and a beta chain, and those containing a delta and a gamma chain. In humans, both the alpha and the gamma chains are encoded by genes on the long arm of chromosome 14. The beta chain gene is located on the long arm of chromosome 7, and the gamma chain gene resides on the short arm of chromosome 7. As in the case of the immunoglobulins, the T cell receptor polypeptide chains are encoded by gene segments that are reshuffled during the differentiation of the precursor cells. The rearrangement of segments occurs in thymocytes before the genes encoding the polypeptides are expressed. As a result, T cell receptors have more than 107 different amino acid sequences. See Chronology, 1984, Davis and Mak; V(D)J recombination.

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