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Secondary Structure of the r(CUUCGG) Tetraloop

Combinatorial approach to development of peptides that recognize DNA tetraloops

DNA tri‐ and tetra‐loops and RNA tetra‐loops hairpins fold as elastic biopolymer chains in agreement with PDB coordinates

A Comparative Study on Two GNRA-Tetraloop Receptors: 11-nt and IC3 Motifs

Tospovirus ambisense genomic RNA segments use almost complete repertoire of stable tetraloops in the intergenic region

Equilibrium conformational dynamics in an RNA tetraloop from massively parallel molecular dynamics

NMR and MD studies of the temperature-dependent dynamics of RNA YNMG-tetraloops

Comprehensive features of natural and in vitro selected GNRA tetraloop-binding receptors

Unusual nucleotide conformations in GNRA and UNCG type tetraloop hairpins: Evidence from Raman markers assignments

N 2-Methylguanosine is iso-energetic with guanosine in RNA duplexes and GNRA tetraloops

An in vitro-selected RNA receptor for the GAAC loop: modular receptor for non–GNRA-type tetraloop

Comparison between CUUG and UUCG tetraloops: thermodynamic stability and structural features analyzed by UV absorption and vibrational spectroscopy

A novel cGUUAg tetraloop structure with a conserved yYNMGg-type backbone conformation from cloverleaf 1 of bovine enterovirus 1 RNA

Three‐dimensional motifs from the SCOR, structural classification of RNA database: extruded strands, base triples, tetraloops and U‐turns

High-resolution NMR structure of an RNA model system: the 14-mer cUUCGg tetraloop hairpin RNA

Analysis of the interaction between selected RNA-binding peptides and a target RNA containing a bulge and a GNRA-type tetraloop

A Mini‐RNA containing the tetraloop, wobble‐pair and loop E motifs of the central conserved region of potato spindle tuber viroid is processed into a minicircle


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A tetranucleotide hairpin loop.

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