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Model building of a thermolysin-like protease by mutagenesis.

Inhibitory Effects of Alcohols on Thermolysin Activity as Examined Using a Fluorescent Substrate

Kinetic Analysis of the Activation-and-Inhibition Dual Effects of Cobalt Ion on Thermolysin Activity

Effects of pH, Temperature, and Alcohols on the Remarkable Activation of Thermolysin by Salts

Insights into the Catalytic Roles of the Polypeptide Regions in the Active Site of Thermolysin and Generation of the Thermolysin Variants with High Activity and Stability

Engineering of the pH-Dependence of Thermolysin Activity as Examined by Site-Directed Mutagenesis of Asn112 Located at the Active Site of Thermolysin

Effect of Salts on the Solubility of Thermolysin: A Remarkable Increase in the Solubility as Well as the Activity by the Addition of Salts without Aggregation or Dispersion of Thermolysin

Molecular Mechanism of the Inhibitory Effect of Cobalt Ion on Thermolysin Activity and the Suppressive Effect of Calcium Ion on the Cobalt Ion-dependent Inactivation of Thermolysin

The States of Tyrosyl Residues in Thermolysin as Examined by Nitration and pH-Dependent Ionization

Effects of Nitration and Amination of Tyrosyl Residues in Thermolysin on Its Hydrolytic Activity and Its Remarkable Activation by Salts

Effects of site-directed mutagenesis in the N-terminal domain of thermolysin on its stabilization

Effects of Cobalt-Substitution of the Active Zinc Ion in Thermolysin on Its Activity and Active-Site Microenvironment

Analysis of Autodegradation Sites of Thermolysin and Enhancement of Its Thermostability by Modifying Leu155 at an Autodegradation Site

A new method for the extracellular production of recombinant thermolysin by co-expressing the mature sequence and pro-sequence in Escherichia coli

Effects of Site-directed Mutagenesis of the Surface Residues Gln128 and Gln225 of Thermolysin on its Catalytic Activity

Effects of site-directed mutagenesis of Asn116 in the β-hairpin of the N-terminal domain of thermolysin on its activity and stability


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EC; other name: Bacillus thermoproteolyticus neutral proteinase; a heat‐stable metalloendoproteinase produced by B. thermoproteolyticus; it contains four zinc and calcium ions. It catalyses the preferential cleavage: Xaa‐|‐Leu > Xaa‐|‐Phe.


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