John Thompson

(1648—1710) politician

'John Thompson' can also refer to...

Charles John Samuel Thompson (1862—1943) medical historian and museum curator

John D. Thompson

John Edward Thompson Milburn (1924—1988) footballer

John Hunter Thompson (1808—1890)

John L. Thompson

John Lee Thompson (1914—2002) film director

John Reuben Thompson (1823—1873)

John Sparrow Thompson (1795—1867)

John Thompson (1907—1968)

John Thompson (1938—1976)

John Thompson (c. 1775—1864) naval officer

John Thompson (1785—1866) engraver

John Thompson

John Thompson Platts (1830—1904) orientalist

John Vaughan Thompson (1779—1847) surgeon and naturalist

Sir John Sparrow David Thompson (1845—1894) lawyer and prime minister of Canada


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