thromboxane-A synthase

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EC; other names: thromboxane synthase; thromboxane synthetase (abbr.: TXS); an enzyme that catalyses the formation from (5Z,13E)‐(15S)‐9α,11α‐epidioxy‐15‐hydroxyprosta‐5,13‐dienoate of (5Z,13E)‐(15S)‐9α,11α‐epoxy‐15‐hydroxythromba‐5,13‐dienoate (thromboxane A2). It is a heme‐thiolate protein. 1‐(7‐carboxyheptyl)imidazole and benzylimidazole inhibit thromboxane‐A synthase, as does the drug U‐63557A, sodium furegrelate.


Subjects: Chemistry.

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