thymine dimer

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thymine dimer

thymine dimer

thymine dimer

Mutagenicity of a Unique Thymine-Thymine Dimer or Thymine-Thymine Pyrimidine Pyrimidone (6–4) Photoproduct in Mammalian Cells

Photoinduced repair of a thymine dimer in DNA via carbazole nucleoside

Chemical synthesis and translesion replication of a cis–syn cyclobutane thymine–uracil dimer

RNA polymerase II stalled at a thymine dimer: footprint and effect on excision repair

Antigen Structural Requirements for Recognition by a Cyclobutane Thymine Dimer-Specific Monoclonal Antibody

Essential dynamics of DNA containing a cis.syn cyclobutane thymine dimer lesion

Deoxyribozymes that catalyze photochemistry: cofactor-dependent and -independent photorepair of thymine dimers

UVA‐induced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers form predominantly at thymine–thymine dipyrimidines and correlate with the mutation spectrum in rodent cells

A cyclobutane thymine–N 4-methylcytosine dimer is resistant to hydrolysis but strongly blocks DNA synthesis

Urinary levels of thymine dimer as a biomarker of exposure to ultraviolet radiation in humans during outdoor activities in the summer

Calculated Distortions of Duplex DNA by a Cis, Syn Cyclobutane Thymine Dimer Are Unaffected by a 3′ TpA Step

Solid Phase-Supported Thymine Dimers for the Construction of Dimer-Containing DNA by Combined Chemical and Enzymatic Synthesis: A Potentially General Method for the Efficient Incorporation of Modified Nucleotides into DNA

Silibinin prevents ultraviolet radiation-caused skin damages in SKH-1 hairless mice via a decrease in thymine dimer positive cells and an up-regulation of p53-p21/Cip1 in epidermis


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A pyrimidine dimer formed within a DNA strand from two adjacent thymine residues by photodimerization. It is most commonly of the cyclobutadipyrimidine type.

Subjects: Genetics and Genomics — Chemistry.

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