To Dino and the Great Flood

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To Dino was the first man.

A male egg of a tortoise, a terrestrial animal, and a female egg of a toad, an aquatic animal, revolved in the atmosphere, beneath the arching sky. The tortoise was the first organizer of the world, moving in space from west to east, establishing east and west directions, creating the boundary between the known world and the unknown.

To bring an end to the flood that was about to submerge the earth, To Dino, the first man, was saved by the toad, who traced the route to be followed by the waters, dividing terrestrial space into four sectors. At the center point the beginnings of life would be concentrated, and from it they would spread to each of the parts of the earth. Through this point also, the earth entered communication with heaven and came to life. Later, when the heavenly ark came down to earth, carrying the emblems of all the species and of all knowledge, it would be divided in the same way. These four zones were linked in pairs, east and south on the one hand, west and north on the other hand, and between them were distributed the four elements that make up the universe, fire in the east, air in the west, water in the north, and earth in the south.

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