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1. (tracking shot) (film and video) A dynamic shot that moves horizontally along an x-, y-, or z-axis (track left, right,in, or out) which is created by moving the camera rather than by a pan, tilt, or zoom. Tracking involves motion parallax, which creates a feeling of depth, as foreground elements change dynamically in the frame to occlude or reveal background elements. Compare pan.

2. In audio and video recordings, a particular area on the surface of electromagnetic tape where dedicated audio or video information is written and read.

3. A way of conceiving of individual channels of information as separate entities represented in the form of dials, meters, buttons etc., which allow an operator to manipulate them separately: for example, on an audio mixer, to adjust the overall balance of the individual elements involved in a sound mix. In graphical displays such as in nonlinear editing systems, individual channels of information are represented in a timeline.

Subjects: Media Studies.

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