transitive closure

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Of a transitive binary relation R. A relation R✻ defined as follows: x Ry iff there exists a sequence x=x0,x1,…, xn=y such that n > 0 and xiR xi+1, i=0,1,2,…, n-1 It follows from the transitivity property that if x R y then x Ry and that R is a subset of R✻.

x Ry

x=x0,x1,…, xn=y

xiR xi+1, i=0,1,2,…, n-1

if x R y then x Ry

Reflexive closure is similar to transitive closure but includes the possibility that n = 0. Transitive and reflexive closures play important roles in parsing and compiling techniques and in finding paths in graphs.

Subjects: Computing.

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