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There seems to be no general agreement on the definition of transnationality; its aspects include international cooperation on a level other than exclusively between nation states; cooperation not only with neighbouring countries, but rather with regions that suffer from similar difficulties and problems; and relating to a transnational region, such as the North Sea Region (see the Northern Periphery Programme).

For an individual, Mau et al. (2008) Glob. Netwks 8, 1 use a transnationality index composed of the number of private transnational relations, the number of times an individual had been abroad in the twelve months before the time of the interview, and the total time the individual had lived abroad for a longer period. For a company, the UNCTAD transnationality index (an indicator of the share of a company's activities taking place in a country other than its own) is the unweighted average of the following ratios: foreign assets/total assets, foreign sales/total sales, and foreign employment/total employment. In 2003, the most transnationalized economy was Hong Kong China, followed by Ireland.

"http://www.northernperiphery.net" The Northern Periphery Programme.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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