Gāius Trebōnius

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Quaestor c.60 bc, tribune of the plebs (see tribuni plebis) 55, when he carried the lex Trebonia conferring five‐year commands on Pompey and Crassus. Pompey received the two Spanish provinces and Crassus Syria. As legate he served with distinction in Gaul (55–50) and in 49 took Massalia. Praetor in 48, he was sent next year to Spain, but failed against the Pompeians. Though appointed suffect consul by Caesar in 45, he is said to have plotted against him in that year, and he took part in the actual assassination in 44, detaining Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) outside. Proconsul of Asia 43, he was treacherously murdered at Smyrna. He published a collection of Cicero's witticisms.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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