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Records of the aparchai (first‐fruits) of one‐sixtieth given as an offering to Athena from the tribute paid by the members of the Delian League after the treasury was moved from Delos to Athens, very probably in 454/3 bc. From 453 the offerings were calculated separately on each member's tribute, and numbered lists of these offerings were inscribed in Athens: for the first fifteen years (453–439) on a single large block of marble, for the next eight (438–431) on another large block, and thereafter on a separate stele for each year. It is possible that no tribute was collected in 448, when war against Persia had come to an end and the future of the League was uncertain. In 413 a 5 per cent duty on all goods transported by sea was substituted for the tribute, but the tribute was probably reintroduced in 410/9. From the beginning there was a tendency to list neighbouring states together; in 442 the practice began of arranging the lists in five regional panels (Ionian, Hellespontine, Thracian, Carian, Island); in 437 some inland Carian states were abandoned and what remained of the Carian panel was combined with the Ionian. Assessments of tribute (ranging from 300 drachmas to the 30 talents of Aegina and Thasos) were normally revised every four years: the general level remained constant before the Peloponnesian War, and in 430, but serious increases were needed in 428 (probably) and 425. In addition to the lists of aparchai, we have substantial parts of the assessment list of 425. In so far as they are preserved or can be reconstructed, the lists give us a valuable indication of which states paid tribute, and how much they paid, from one year to another.

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