Tsui‖Goab Is Given a Blow to the Knee by a Dying Foe

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(Nama/Namibia; Khoi/South Africa)

Tsui‖Goab (|Kaang, |Kaggen, Khub, Nanub) was the supreme being, the celestial god of the Khoi. He was omnipresent, wise, a notable warrior of great physical strength, a powerful magician. Although he died several times, he was reborn. He sent rain and caused the crops to grow and flourish. Tsui‖Goab was the first Khoi, from whom all the Khoi peoples originated. He was a creator, having made the rocks and stones from which the first Khoi came.

Tsui‖Goab had a rival, another male figure, ∥Gaunab, the personified spirit of evil. Evil spirits, people said to have lived wickedly when alive, were known as ∥Gaunab and Sares; the whirlwind believed to bring sickness and death was also occasionally known as ∥Gaunab. Tsui‖Goab went to war with ∥Gaunab, because he killed great numbers of Tsui‖Goab's people. In this fight, Tsui‖Goab was repeatedly overpowered by ∥Gaunab, but in every battle he grew stronger. He was finally so strong and big that he easily destroyed ∥Gaunab by giving him one blow behind the ear. While ∥Gaunab was expiring, he gave his enemy a blow on the knee. Since that day, the conqueror of ∥Gaunab received the name Tsui‖Goab, “wounded knee.” Henceforth, he could not walk properly because he was lame.

A hare was sent to the world by the moon with the message, “As I die and dying am born again, so you shall die and dying live again.” The hare got confused over the message and put a “not” in. It thus reversed the message, saying, “As I die and dying am born again, so you shall die and dying not be born again.” When it returned to the moon and explained how it had delivered the message, the moon was angry with it for being so stupid. So the moon took a stick and hit the hare on its nose, splitting its lip. Ever since, the hare has had a split lip. See also: ǂGama- ǂGorib, Heitsi-Eibib, Thixo.

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