Tullius Cicero

(b. 65 bc)

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B. 65 bc,

son of Cicero and Terentia and thirteen years younger than Tullia. He was educated under his father's supervision and taken out to Cilicia by him in 51. He was an obedient boy and a good soldier. He was a successful cavalry officer in the republican army in 49/8. Pardoned after Pharsalus, he held office in the family's home town of Arpinum. He would have liked to serve under Caesar in Spain, but instead was sent to study in Athens in 45. Cicero's Moral Obligation was written in the form of a letter to his son in 44. Marcus was serving under Brutus, who praised him highly, when his father was killed in the proscriptions. After Philippi he joined Sextus Pompeius Magnus, but took advantage of the amnesty of 39. He was elected to a priesthood and was colleague to Octavian (see augustus) as consul in 30; afterwards he governed Syria and then Asia. Though he was, by his own admission, idle in his student days and drank too much, and though his distinguished public career may have been partly due to Octavian's repentance for his father's murder, he must have had considerable administrative ability.

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