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Unique 3

Unique holomorphically fillable contact structure on the 3-torus

The unique transcriptome through day 3 of human preimplantation development

There is a Unique Real Tight Contact 3-Ball

3D Shape. Its Unique Place in Visual Perception.Zygmunt Pizlo.

Male meiotic cytokinesis requires ceramide synthase 3-dependent sphingolipids with unique membrane anchors

A Remark on a Uniqueness Property of High Multiplicity Tangent Flows in Dimension 3

Uniqueness of Weak Solutions to the 3D Ginzburg–Landau Superconductivity Model

Unique organization and involvement of GAGA factors in transcriptional regulation of the Xenopus stromelysin-3 gene

Biosynthesis of 3-O-sulfated heparan sulfate: unique substrate specificity of heparan sulfate 3-O-sulfotransferase isoform 5

Nucleocytoplasmic shuttling of IPAS by its unique nuclear import and export signals unshared with other HIF-3α splice variants

Sadaaki Iwanaga: discovery of the lipopolysaccharide- and β-1,3-d-glucan-mediated proteolytic cascade and unique proteins in invertebrate immunity

A novel strategy to design highly specific PCR primers based on the stability and uniqueness of 3′-end subsequences

Induction of a unique gene expression profile in primary human hepatocytes by hepatitis C virus core, NS3 and NS5A proteins

Banana lectin is unique in its recognition of the reducing unit of 3-O-β-glucosyl/mannosyl disaccharides: a calorimetric study

Arabidopsis thaliana ALG3 mutant synthesizes immature oligosaccharides in the ER and accumulates unique N-glycans

FspAI, a unique type II restriction endonuclease that recognizes the octanucleotide sequence 5′-RTGC↓GCAY-3′

OliI, a unique restriction endonuclease that recognizes the discontinuous sequence 5′-CACNN↓NNGTG-3′

PfoI, a unique type II restriction endonuclease that recognises the sequence 5′‐T↓CCNGGA‐3′


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