Upper Palaeolithic

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The last of three broad subdivisions of the Old Stone Age or Palaeolithic widely applied in the Old World. Characterized by the presence of modern humans, Homo sapiens sapiens, and associated tool types regionally distinct to particular parts of the world. Broadly the period from 40 000 through to 8500 years ago. Palaeolithic art is associated mainly with Upper Palaeolithic cultures, especially in northwest Europe. In the British Isles the Upper Palaeolithic is traditionally divided into earlier (EUP) and later (LUP) phases, the former relating to the period prior to the Devensian glaciation, while the latter refers to cultural material dating to the later phases of the Devensian and the immediate post‐glacial period. Preceded by the Middle Palaeolithic and succeeded by the Mesolithic.

Subjects: Archaeology.

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