U1 snRNP

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U1 snRNP

A 10S galectin-3–U1 snRNP complex assembles into active spliceosomes

Identification of truncated forms of U1 snRNA reveals a novel RNA degradation pathway during snRNP biogenesis

U1 adaptors result in reduction of multiple pre-mRNA species principally by sequestering U1snRNP

U1 small nuclear RNP from Trypanosoma brucei: a minimal U1 snRNA with unusual protein components

Functional mammalian spliceosomal complex E contains SMN complex proteins in addition to U1 and U2 snRNPs

Genome-wide RNA-binding analysis of the trypanosome U1 snRNP proteins U1C and U1-70K reveals cis/trans-spliceosomal network

Mapping the binding site of snurportin 1 on native U1 snRNP by cross-linking and mass spectrometry

Structure-function analysis of the Yhc1 subunit of yeast U1 snRNP and genetic interactions of Yhc1 with Mud2, Nam8, Mud1, Tgs1, U1 snRNA, SmD3 and Prp28

Mer1p is a modular splicing factor whose function depends on the conserved U2 snRNP protein Snu17p

U1 snRNP is mislocalized in ALS patient fibroblasts bearing NLS mutations in FUS and is required for motor neuron outgrowth in zebrafish

The transition in spliceosome assembly from complex E to complex A purges surplus U1 snRNPs from alternative splice sites

The U1 snRNP-associated factor Luc7p affects 5′ splice site selection in yeast and human

Proteomic analysis of the U1 snRNP of Schizosaccharomyces pombe reveals three essential organism-specific proteins

Mer1p is a modular splicing factor whose function depends on the conserved U2 snRNP protein Snu17p

Mammalian splicing factor SF1 interacts with SURP domains of U2 snRNP-associated proteins

Reconstitution of the spliceosomal U1 snRNP from all recombinant subunits and its characterisation by ionspray Q-tof mass-spectrometry

In Vitro Reconstitution of Mammalian U1 snRNPs Active in Splicing: The U1-C Protein Enhances the Formation of Early (E) Spliceosomal Complexes

Composition of yeast snRNPs and snoRNPs in the absence of trimethylguanosine caps reveals nuclear cap binding protein as a gained U1 component implicated in the cold-sensitivity of tgs1Δ cells


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One of the classes of small nuclear RNAs. The U-type snRNPs have a high uridylic acid content; U1–U5 are synthesized by RNA polymerase II, U6 by RNA polymerase III. U2 snRNP auxiliary factor (U2AF) is a major determinant of 3′ splice-site selection, a heterodimeric protein composed of a large (475 aa) subunit (hU2AF65) and a small (240 aa) subunit (hU2AF35).

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