Vatinius Publius

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Tribune 59 bc (see tribuni plebis), sponsored the bills granting Caesar Cisalpine Gaul (see gaul (cisalpine)) and Illyricum (see illyrians), and confirming the eastern settlement of Pompey. He also features prominently in attacks on Calpurnius Bibulus. In 56 he was a witness against Sestius, and Cicero, defending Sestius, inveighed against Vatinius. But the forensic relationship was soon reversed: Vatinius was praetor 55, and in 54, obedient to Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus, Cicero successfully defended Vatinius on a bribery charge arising from his election to the praetorship. After serving with Caesar in Gaul, Vatinius won a victory in the Adriatic in 47, and in December received the consulship, an office he had always boasted he would hold. As proconsul in Illyricum (45) he won a supplicatio and, although he had surrendered to Brutus in 43, was allowed an Illyrian triumph (42). Vatinius was an easy butt because of his personal disabilities; but he took raillery well, and in later life was genuinely reconciled with Cicero.

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