Verginius Rufus, Lucius

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From Mediolanum, consul ad 63, became governor of Upper Germany in 67. He apparently held discussions with the rebel Iulius Vindex and may have been forced into battle at Vesontio by the precipitate action of his troops. Rejecting his army's attempts to proclaim him emperor, he was nevertheless slow to support Galba, remitting the choice to the senate. Removed from office by the suspicious Galba, Verginius became suffect consul for the second time under Otho, and after his murder again refused the purple. Thereafter he lived quietly, becoming consul for the third time with Nerva in 97. When he died soon after, his funeral oration was delivered by Tacitus. He was Pliny the Younger's guardian. His self‐chosen epitaph reads (ambiguously): ‘Here lies Rufus, who, after the defeat of Vindex, set free the imperial power, not for himself, but for his country’.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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