Very Large Telescope

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Very Large Telescope

Very Large Telescope

Very Large Telescope

Optical imaging in very large telescopes

Field correctors for very large telescopes

Atmospheric dispersion in very large telescopes with adaptive optics

A list of bright interferometric calibrators measured at the European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope Interferometer*

The supermassive black hole in NGC 4486a detected with SINFONI at the Very Large Telescope*

Very Large Telescope Interferometer observations of the dust geometry around R Coronae Borealis stars*

Recalibrated generalized SCIDAR measurements at Cerro Paranal (the site of the Very Large Telescope)

Do Fermi Large Area Telescope observations imply very large Lorentz factors in gamma-ray burst outflows?

The Very Large Telescope Ultraviolet and Visible Echelle Spectrograph survey for molecular hydrogen in high-redshift damped Lyman α systems

Very Large Telescope deep echelle spectroscopy of Galactic planetary nebulae NGC 6153, M 1-42 and Hf 2-2

The Very Large Telescope Lyman-Break Galaxy Redshift Survey – IV. Gas and galaxies at z ∼ 3 in observations and simulations

The Wolf–Rayet population of the nearby barred spiral galaxy NGC 5068 uncovered by the Very Large Telescope and Gemini

First Very Large Telescope/X-shooter spectroscopy of early-type stars outside the Local Group*

The binary fraction and mass ratio of Be and B stars: a comparative Very Large Telescope/NACO study*

A Very Large Telescope imaging and spectroscopic survey of the Wolf–Rayet population in NGC 7793*

A wide-area view of the Phoenix dwarf galaxy from Very Large Telescope/FORS imaging⋆


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An instrument consisting of four 8.2-m reflectors, with the combined collecting area of a 16-m mirror, owned and operated by the European Southern Observatory at an altitude of 2635 m at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. The four individual reflectors are known as the Unit Telescopes (UT). Unit Telescope 1, named Antu, was opened in 1998, followed by UT2 (Kueyen) in 1999, with UT3 (Melipal) and UT4 (Yepun) in 2000. Next to the Unit Telescopes are four movable 1.8-m Auxiliary Telescopes (AT). Light from the Unit Telescopes and the Auxiliary Telescopes can be combined in the VLT Interferometer (VLTI) for high-resolution imaging. The Auxiliary Telescopes can be placed in 30 different positions, providing interferometer baselines up to 200 m. The first AT was installed in 2004 and the last in 2006. Adjacent to the VLT is the 2.61-m VLT Survey Telescope (VST), a wide-field survey instrument built by ESO and Italy, which began observations in 2011.

http://www.eso.org/public/teles-instr/vlt.html Official telescope website.


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