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1 ‘Imagining’, an intellectual process which leads to the formation of concepts, judgements, views, and opinions. In Buddhist thought, the term usually signifies deluded or erroneous thinking which is tainted with emotions and desires and fails to grasp the true nature of things as they are. In this sense it is synonymous with the term prapañca.meaning ‘mental proliferation’, an activity of the deluded and unenlightened mind.

2 The process, according to Yogācāra.which sets up a false dualistic split that is imposed upon reality, and involves belief in the existence of a perceiving subject and perceived objects. Some sources consider both ‘subjectivity’ (grāhaka) and ‘objectivity’ (grāhya) to be the result of vikalpa (see grāhya-grāhaka).

Subjects: Buddhism.

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