John Villiers

(c. 1591—1653) courtier

'John Villiers' can also refer to...

John Villiers (c. 1677—1723) peerage claimant

John Charles Villiers (1757—1838) politician

John Henry de Villiers (1842—1914) judge in South Africa

John Villiers Stuart Townshend (1831—1899) social reformer

Villiers, Alan John (1903–82)

VILLIERS, Alan John (1903 - 1982)

VILLIERS, (John) Michael (1907 - 1990)

Villiers, John, Viscount Purbeck (1591?-1658), courtier

VILLIERS, Francis John (1851 - 1925), JP Herts

Villiers, John Henry de, first Baron de Villiers (1842-1914), judge in South Africa

Villiers, John Charles, third earl of Clarendon (1757-1838), politician

Villiers [Danvers], John, styled third earl of Buckingham (c. 1677-1723), peerage claimant

Townshend, John Villiers Stuart, fifth Marquess Townshend (1831-1899), social reformer

Shaw, Frederick John [pseud. Brougham Villiers] (1863-1939), socialist and author

VILLIERS-STUART, John Patrick (1879 - 1958), late Coke’s Rifles, Panjab Frontier Force

Townshend, John Villiers Stuart (1831 - 1899), DL, JP, High Steward of Tamworth

FITZ-GERALD, Desmond John Villiers (1937 - 2011), Consultant, Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd, since 2003 (Irish Agent, 1975–2003)

Villiers, John Henry de (1842 - 1914), PC 1897; Chief Justice, Cape of Good Hope; President of Legislative Council; Member of Judicial Committee of Privy Council

Rights and Constitutionalism: The New South African Legal Order. Edited by David van Wyk, John Dugard, Bertus de Villiers and Dennis Davis. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1996. liv + 720 pp. including bibliography, appendix and index. £60

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