'Wallace' can also refer to...

Ace Wallace (b. 1925)

Ailsa Wallace

Alan B. Wallace

Alexander Wallace Fielding (1918—1991) intelligence officer and author

Alfred Russel Wallace (1823—1913) naturalist, evolutionary theorist, and social critic

Andrew Wallace

Anne D. Wallace

B. Alan Wallace

Bennie Wallace

Beulah 'Sippie' Wallace

Billy Wallace (1917—1978)

Bronwen Wallace (1945—1989)

Bruce Wallace Brotherston (1877—1947)

Charles Wallace Alexander Napier Ross Cochrane Baillie (1860—1940) colonial governor

(Charles) William Wallace (1855—1916) oil industrialist

Charles William Wallace (1865—1932)

Chris Wallace-Crabbe (b. 1934)

Daphne Wallace

David Wallace

Dewey D. Wallace

Douglas G. Wallace

Edgar Wallace (1875—1932) writer

Edna Wallace Hopper (1864—1959)

Eglantine Wallace (1768—1803) writer

Ellen Wallace

Florence Wallace Pomeroy (1844—1911) dress reform campaigner

Francis Wallace Grenfell (1841—1925) army officer

Fred Wallace Haise, Jr (b. 1933)

Frederick William Wallace (1886—1958)

George Wallace (1919—1998)


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Name of the cheese-loving inventor, owner of the dog Gromit, in Nick Park's claymation films of his two plasticine figures.

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