William Walter

(fl. c. 1515—1543) poet and translator

'William Walter' can also refer to...

Sir Lawrence Walter William Weaver (1876—1930) civil servant and architectural writer

Sir Walter William Herbert (1934—2007) polar explorer

Walter William Head (1861—1939)

Walter William Ouless (1848—1933) portrait painter

Walter William Read (1855—1907) cricketer

(Walter William) Rouse Ball (1850—1925) educationist and historian

Walter William Skeat (1866—1953) colonial administrator and ethnographer

Walter William Spencer Cook (1888—1962)

(William) Grey Walter (1910—1976) neurophysiologist

William T. Walters (1819—1894)

William Walter Merry (1835—1918) classical scholar

William Walters Sargant (1907—1988) psychiatrist


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