John Ward

(1866—1934) trade unionist and politician

'John Ward' can also refer to...

John and Ned Ward

John Bryan Ward Perkins (1912—1981) archaeologist

John Manning Ward (1919—1990)

John Quincy Adams Ward (1830—1910)

John W. Ward

John Ward (c. 1590—1638) composer and administrator

John Ward (1917—2007) painter

John Ward (1629—1681)

John Ward (c. 1553—1623) pirate

John Ward (c. 1599—1658) parliamentarian officer and poet

John Ward (1679—1758) antiquary and biographer

John Ward (1725—1788) industrialist and politician

John Ward (1781—1837) founder of the Shilohites

John Ward (1805—1890) diplomatist

John Ward (1825—1896) naval officer and surveyor

John Ward Armstrong (1915—1987) Church of Ireland archbishop of Armagh

John William Ward (1781—1833) politician


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