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1 See Apocrita; Bethylidae; Cleptidae; Dryinidae; Encyrtidae; Figitidae; Gasteruptiidae; Hymenoptera; Masaridae; paper wasps; Platygasteridae; Pteromalidae; Rhopalosomatidae; Scoliidae; social wasps; solitary wasps; Tiphiidae; Vespidae.

2 (chalcid wasps) See Chalcidae; Chalcidoidea; Eulophidae; Leucospidae; Torymidae; Trichogrammatidae.

3 (cockroach wasp) See Ampulicidae.

4 (ensign wasps) See Evaniidae.

5 (fig wasps) See Agaonidae.

6 (gall wasps) See Cynipidae.

7 (ichneumon wasps) See Braconidae; Ichneumonidae.

8 (mason wasps) See Eumenidae.

9 (potter wasps) See Eumenidae.

10 (ruby-tailed cuckoo wasps, ruby-tailed wasps) See Chrysididae.

11 (spider-hunting wasps) See Pompilidae.

12 (velvet ants) See Mutillidae.

13 (woodwasps) See Orussidae; Siricidae; Symphyta.

Subjects: Zoology and Animal Sciences.

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