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Of or relating to Wales, its people, or their Celtic language. Old English Welisc, Wælisc comes from a Germanic word meaning ‘foreigner’, from Latin Volcae, the name of a Celtic people; the Welsh name for Wales is Cymru and for its people, Cymry.

Welsh dragon a red heraldic dragon as the emblem of Wales.

Welsh harp another name for the triple harp, a large harp without pedals and with three rows of strings, the middle row providing sharps and flats; the name is recorded from the mid 17th century.

Welsh rarebit a dish of melted and seasoned cheese on toast, sometimes with other ingredients; the term is a late 18th century alteration of the earlier Welsh rabbit (early 18th century), but the reason for the use of rabbit is unknown.

Welsh Wizard a nickname for the Welsh politician and British Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1863–1945).

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