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adaptive Lempel Ziv Welsh coding

Alex Welsh (1929—1982) trumpeter and bandleader

Allen Welsh Dulles (1893—1969)

Anglo-Welsh Poetry;

annals and chronicles: Wales—Chronicle of the Welsh Princes

Dame Mary Eldridge Welsh (1896—1986) director of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force

David Welsh (1793—1845) Free Church of Scotland minister and author

Department for Education, Culture, and the Welsh Language

Elizabeth Welsh (1843—1921) college head

Freddie Welsh (1886—1927) boxer

Gaudy Dutch, Gaudy Ironstone and Gaudy Welsh

Irvine Welsh (b. 1958)

James Welsh (1775—1861) army officer in the East India Company

Jennifer M. Welsh

John Welsh (1569—1622) Church of Scotland and French Reformed minister

John Welsh (1634—1681) covenanter field preacher

John Welsh (1824—1859) meteorologist

Lempel Ziv Welsh coding

Marilyn Welsh

Modern Welsh

Moray Welsh (b. 1947)

onion, Welsh

Renate Welsh (b. 1937)

Robert Welsh (c. 1501—1549) priest and rebel

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

Smaller Welsh Kingdoms

Son of Judith: A Tale of the Welsh Mining Valleys

Thea Welsh (b. 1949)

Thomas Welsh (1781—1848) singer


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Of or relating to Wales, its people, or their Celtic language. Old English Welisc, Wælisc comes from a Germanic word meaning ‘foreigner’, from Latin Volcae, the name of a Celtic people; the Welsh name for Wales is Cymru and for its people, Cymry.

Welsh dragon a red heraldic dragon as the emblem of Wales.

Welsh harp another name for the triple harp, a large harp without pedals and with three rows of strings, the middle row providing sharps and flats; the name is recorded from the mid 17th century.

Welsh rarebit a dish of melted and seasoned cheese on toast, sometimes with other ingredients; the term is a late 18th century alteration of the earlier Welsh rabbit (early 18th century), but the reason for the use of rabbit is unknown.

Welsh Wizard a nickname for the Welsh politician and British Prime Minister David Lloyd George (1863–1945).

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