Welwyn burials

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A group of richly furnished aristocratic graves dated to the La Tène III period (c.40–10 bc) found in a restricted area to the north of the River Thames around modern‐day Welwyn, Buckinghamshire, England. The burials were usually cremations placed in the centre of a large pit or subterranean chamber, with no covering mound. Around the burial itself were placed many grave goods, mainly items connected with eating, drinking, or feasting: imported continental tableware, wine amphorae, bronze vases, strainers, and patellae, silver cups, glass dishes, fire‐dogs, and hearth furniture. Personal items such as buckles, bracelets, beads, and gaming pieces are also found. Meat on the bone and weapons are conspicuous by their absence. More than a dozen examples have been discovered and excavated.

Subjects: Archaeology.

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