(fl. c. 1599—1619) dedicatee of William Shakespeare's sonnets

'W H' can also refer to...

A. H. & A. W. Reed (1911)

A.H. & A.W. Reed

Bush, George H. W., Administration of

C. H. W. Barnes

Caroline W. H. Dall (1822—1912)

D. W. H. Walton

Gass, W. H.

H. W. Fowler (1858—1933) lexicographer and grammarian

H. W. Massingham (1860—1924) journalist

H. W. Nelson

H. W. Tilman (c. 1898—1978) mountaineer and sailor

Hadow W. H. (1859—1937) educationist and historian of music

H.W. Rupasinha (1895)

Mr W. H.

Mrs. W. H. Chesson (1871—1906)

Rosenbach Foundation, Philip H. and A. S. W.

Smith, W. H

W. H. Auden (1907—1973) poet and writer

W. H. Brock

W. H. C. Frend

W. H. Davies (1871—1940) poet and writer

W. H. G. Kingston (1814—1880) children's writer

W. H. Heinemann Award

W. H. Hudson (1841—1922) author and naturalist

W. H. Johnson

W. H. Lingard (1839—1927)

W. H. Pyne (1770—1843) artist and writer

W. H. Riker (1921—1993)

W. H. Robinson (1881)


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