Sir George White

(1854—1916) businessman and stockbroker

'Sir George White' can also refer to...

Sir George White (1840—1912) shoe manufacturer and politician

Sir George Stuart White (1835—1912) army officer

Sir George White Pickering (1904—1980) physician and college head

Pickering, Sir George White (1904-1980), physician and college head

White, Sir George (1840-1912), shoe manufacturer and politician

White, Sir George, first baronet (1854-1916), businessman and stockbroker

White, Sir George Stuart (1835-1912), army officer

CRABTREE, Lewis Frederick (1924 - 2006), Sir George White Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, University of Bristol, 1973–85, then Emeritus

COLLAR, (Arthur) Roderick (1908 - 1986), Sir George White Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, University of Bristol, 1945–73, then Emeritus; Pro-Vice-Chancellor, 1967–70, Vice-Chancellor, 1968–69

CASTELLANI, Aldo (1877 - 1971), Physician to Royal Houses of Savoy and of Aosta; Italian Medals (one silver, two bronze) for bravery on the Field; Italian Military Cross; Grand Cross, Crown of Italy; also Grand Cross; Order of Civil Merit (Spain); Order of George I (Greece); Order of the Nile (Egypt); Sovereign Order of Malta; Order of St Sava; Knight Officer Legion of Honour (France) and Serbian White Eagle; Comm. Polish Order Odrodzenia; Commander Order of Santiago de Espada (Portugal); Professor of Tropical Medicine, Lisbon Institute for Tropical Diseases; Emeritus Professor of Tropical Medicine, Ceylon Medical School; late Professor of Tropical Medicine Tulane University and Louisiana State University, New Orleans, USA, also Rome University and Naples University, Italy; late Director of Mycology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; late Physician Italian Hospital, London; concerned with Sir William Simpson in foundation of Ross Institute; (Ross thanked them both in a letter to the Times, 18 October 1928)

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