William Williams

(1801—1869) Congregational minister and poet

'William Williams' can also refer to...

Hugh William Williams (1773—1829) landscape painter

Sir William Emrys Williams (1896—1977) educationist and publisher

Sir William Fenwick Williams (1800—1883) army officer

Sir William Williams (1634—1700) lawyer and politician

Victor William Williams Saunders Purcell (1896—1965) colonial administrator and historian

William Carlos Williams (1883—1963) American poet, essayist, novelist, and short-story writer

William Crwysfab Williams (1875—1968) poet and Congregational minister

William Henry Williams (1771—1841) physician

William Henry Williams Strachan (1859—1921) colonial medical officer

William Llewelyn Williams (1867—1922) politician and author

William Mattieu Williams (1820—1892) science teacher and industrial chemist

William Peere Williams (1665—1736) law reporter

William Peere Williams Freeman (1742—1832) naval officer

William Smith Williams (1800—1875)

William Williams (c. 1780—1840) Independent minister

William Williams (1800—1878) linguist and first bishop of Waiapu in New Zealand

William Williams (1727—1791)

William Williams (1717—1791) religious revivalist and writer

William Williams (1731—1811) politician in America

William Williams (1738—1817) antiquary

William Williams (1788—1865) politician