Edward Williams

(1781—1855) landscape painter

'Edward Williams' can also refer to...

Donald Edward Williams (b. 1942)

Edward Ellerker Williams (1793—1822) friend of Percy Bysshe Shelley

Edward Francis Williams (1903—1970) author and publicist

Edward Ormond Williams (1886—1963) local government officer

Edward Williams (1747—1826) Welsh-language poet and literary forger

Edward Williams (1750—1813) Independent minister and tutor

Edward Williams (fl. c. 1640—1660) author

Edward Williams (1762—1833) antiquary

Edward Williams Morley (1838—1923) American chemist

Sir Edward Leader Williams (1828—1910) civil engineer

Sir Edward Vaughan Williams (1797—1875) judge and legal writer

Thomas Edward Williams (1892—1966) Co-operative Society administrator and politician


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