James Wilson

(fl. c. 1809—1830) astrologer

'James Wilson' can also refer to...

Alexander Wilson James (1901—1953) footballer

Charles Wilson Brega James (1906—1978) fashion designer

Dr William James Wilson

James Arthur Wilson (1795—1882) physician

James Harrison Wilson (1837—1925)

James Maurice Wilson (1836—1931) headmaster and Church of England clergyman

James Wilson (1805—1860) economist and politician

James Wilson (1690—1771) biographer

James Wilson (1742—1798) revolutionary politician in America and jurist in the United States

James Wilson (1795—1856) zoologist

James Wilson Morrice (1865—1924)

Sir James Wilson (1780—1847) army officer

Sir James Wilson Robertson (1899—1983) governor-general of Nigeria


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