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An Update on Xylan Synthesis

Characterization of the xylan-degrading microbial community from human faeces

Isolation and characterization of xylan-degrading alkali-tolerant thermophiles

The irregular xylem9 Mutant is Deficient in Xylan Xylosyltransferase Activity

Effects of xylan and starch on secretome of the basidiomycete Phanerochaete chrysosporium grown on cellulose

Xylan-degrading enzymes in male and female flower nectar of Cucurbita pepo

Improvement of binding activity of xylan-binding domain by amino acid substitution

Complex carbohydrates reduce the frequency of antagonistic interactions among bacteria degrading cellulose and xylan

Linear β-mannose-containing polysaccharide, β-xylan, and amylose from the cultured photobiont Trebouxia sp. of the ascolichen Ramalina celastri

Molecular cloning, and characterization of a modular acetyl xylan esterase from the edible straw mushroom Volvariella volvacea

H2 and acetate transfers during xylan fermentation between a butyrate‐producing xylanolytic species and hydrogenotrophic microorganisms from the human gut

Characterization of the xylanases from the new isolated thermophilic xylan-degrading Bacillus thermoleovorans strain K-3d and Bacillus flavothermus strain LB3A

Isolation and characterization of bacteria from the gut of Bombyx mori that degrade cellulose, xylan, pectin and starch and their impact on digestion

A (1→6)-linked β-mannopyrananan, pseudonigeran, and a (1→4)-linked β-xylan, isolated from the lichenised basidiomycete Dictyonema glabratum


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A polysaccharide containing xylose that is commonly found in the cell walls of higher plants. The molecules consist of a backbone of beta-xylose units linked between the first and fourth carbon atom of neighbouring sugar units, with side chains of various degrees of complexity and containing a variety of other sugars. See also hemicellulose.

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