Iris Marion Young


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American political philosopher. Young, who was Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, is best known for her works on justice, democratic theory (deliberative), democracy and difference, and feminist theory. Young's work can be seen as a fusion of her various interests into a coherent, and critical, re‐examination of liberal conceptions of justice and democratic inclusion. She is most recognized for critically approaching these subjects from a feminist perspective, arguing that traditional and contemporary liberal arguments for inclusion, participation, and justice often under‐represent, or fail to include, various members of a democratic society. In the case of deliberative democracy, Young was critical of ‘rational procedures’ that were meant to guide democratic discourse, where certain forms of meaningful communication might be excluded as being irrational. Although critical, the works of Young were not compelled by a wish to undermine these systems in their entirety, but to act as critical self‐reflection, with the normative aim of furthering social justice and democratic inclusion.

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Subjects: Politics.

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