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Symbol Zr. A grey-white metallic transition element; a.n. 40; r.a.m. 91.22; r.d. 6.49; m.p. 1852°C; b.p. 4377°C. It is found in zircon (ZrSiO4; the main source) and in baddeleyite (ZnO2). Extraction is by chlorination to give ZrCl4 which is purified by solvent extraction and reduced with magnesium (Kroll process). There are five natural isotopes (mass numbers 90, 91, 92, 94, and 96) and six radioactive isotopes are known. The element is used in nuclear reactors (it is an effective neutron absorber) and in certain alloys. The metal forms a passive layer of oxide in air and burns at 500°C. Most of its compounds are complexes of zirconium(IV). Zirconium(IV) oxide (zirconia) is used as an electrolyte in fuel cells. The element was identified in 1789 by Klaproth and was first isolated by Berzelius in 1824.

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