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z test n.

Testing the evolutionary link between submillimetre galaxies and quasars: CO observations of QSOs at z∼ 2

Testing metallicity indicators at z ∼ 1.4 with the gravitationally lensed galaxy CASSOWARY 20★

Compromised DNA Repair Enhances Sensitivity of the Yeast RNR3-lacZ Genotoxicity Testing System

Testing the phenomenological interacting dark energy with observational H(z) data

The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: testing the cosmological model with baryon acoustic oscillations at z= 0.6

Subaru FOCAS survey of z = 7–7.1 Lyα emitters: a test for z≳ 7 Lyα photometric luminosity functions

Testing the galaxy cluster mass–observable relations at z=1 with XMM–Newton and Chandra observations of XLSSJ022403.9−041328*

Testing the effect of galactic feedback on the IGM at z ∼ 6 with metal-line absorbers

Tracing galaxy populations through cosmic time: a critical test of methods for connecting the same galaxies between different redshifts at z < 3

The WiggleZ Dark Energy Survey: measuring the cosmic expansion history using the Alcock–Paczynski test and distant supernovae

The clustering of galaxies at z ≈ 0.5 in the SDSS-III Data Release 9 BOSS-CMASS sample: a test for the ΛCDM cosmology

Inactivation of YAP1 Enhances Sensitivity of the Yeast RNR3-lacZ Genotoxicity Testing System to a Broad Range of DNA-Damaging Agents

The application of the restriction site mutation assay to compare 1-ethyl-1-nitrosourea-induced mutations between the endogenous p53 gene and the transgenic LacZ gene in MutaMouse testes


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A test, using a sample of n independent observations, of the null hypothesis that a normal distribution with variance σ2, has mean μ. Writing the sample mean as , the test statistic is z, given by In the case where the alternative hypothesis is that the mean is not μ, then, if |z| > 1.96, there is evidence to reject the null hypothesis at the 5% significance level in favour of the alternative hypothesis. See hypothesis test.

Subjects: Psychology — Probability and Statistics.

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