Agrippina the Elder

(c. 14 bc — 33 ad)

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(c.14 bc–ad 33),

the daughter of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and of Julia (daughter of Augustus). She married Germanicus (probably in ad 5), to whom she bore nine children. She was with Germanicus on the Rhine from 14 to 16 and in the east from 18 until his death in the following year. From 19 to 29 she lived in Rome, the rallying point of a party of senators who opposed the growing power of Sejanus. With Tiberius, whom she suspected (without evidence) of causing her husband's death, her relations were consistently bad, and he refused her request in 26 for leave to marry again. She was arrested in 29 on the instruction of Tiberius and banished by the senate to the island Pandateria, where she starved to death in 33. She was survived by one son, the future emperor Gaius (1), and three daughters, Agrippina the Younger (see next entry), Julia Drusilla, and Julia.

John Percy Vyvian Dacre Balsdon; Antony J. S. Spawforth

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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