amino acid receptors

'amino acid receptors' can also refer to...

amino acid receptors

excitatory amino‐acid receptor

α‐amino 3‐hydroxy‐5‐methylisoazolepropionic acid receptor

Identification of amino acids required for receptor binding and toxicity of the Bacillus sphaericus binary toxin

Correlations between Olfactory Discrimination, Olfactory Receptor Neuron Responses and Chemotopy of Amino Acids in Fishes

A study on the correlation of G-protein-coupled receptor types with amino acid composition

Nicotinic Receptors Mediate the Release of Amino Acid Neurotransmitters in Cultured Cortical Neurons

Second Messenger Systems Mediating Sex Pheromone and Amino Acid Sensitivity in Goldfish Olfactory Receptor Neurons

NMDA receptors and their interactions with other excitatory amino acid receptors in synaptic transmission in the mammalian central nervous system

Escherichia coli TolA tolerates multiple amino-acid substitutions as revealed by screening randomized variants for membrane integrity and phage receptor function

Whole-cell Response Characteristics of Ciliated and Microvillous Olfactory Receptor Neurons to Amino Acids, Pheromone Candidates and Urine in Rainbow Trout

Identification of Amino Acid Substitutions that Render the Arabidopsis Cytokinin Receptor Histidine Kinase AHK4 Constitutively Active

Preparation and characterization of mouse IL-22 and its four single-amino-acid muteins that act as IL-22 receptor-1 antagonists

Detection of a novel mutation at amino acid position 614 in the ryanodine receptor in malignant hyperthermia.

Amino-acid changes acquired during evolution by olfactory receptor 912-93 modify the specificity of odorant recognition

The first 238 amino acids of the human lamin B receptor are targeted to the nuclear envelope in plants

Characterization of inhibitory signaling motifs of the natural killer cell receptor Siglec-7: attenuated recruitment of phosphatases by the receptor is attributed to two amino acids in the motifs

Lineage-Specific Expansion of Vomeronasal Type 2 Receptor-Like (OlfC) Genes in Cichlids May Contribute to Diversification of Amino Acid Detection Systems

The analysis of chimeric human/rainbow trout estrogen receptors reveals amino acid residues outside of P- and D-boxes important for the transactivation function


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An imprecise term usually referring to ligand-gated ion channels that respond to the binding of excitatory amino acids, although taste receptors for amino acids have been reported.

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