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(1917–2010) Australian novelist

You Can't See Round Corners (1947) FictionThe Long Shadow (1949) FictionJust Let Me Be [republished 1990 as You, the Jury] (1950) FictionThe Sundowners (1952) FictionThe Climate of Courage [also titled Naked in the Night] (1954) FictionJustin Bayard [also titled Dust in the Sun] (1955) FictionThe Green Helmet (1957) FictionBack of Sunset (1959) FictionNorth from Thursday (1960) FictionThe Country of Marriage (1962) FictionA Flight of Chariots (1963) FictionForests of the Night (1963) FictionThe Fall of an Eagle (1964) FictionThe High Commissioner (1966) FictionThe Pulse of Danger (1966) FictionThe Long Pursuit (1967) FictionSeason of Doubt (1968) FictionRemember Jack Hoxie (1969) FictionHelga's Web (1970) FictionMask of the Andes [also titled The Liberators] (1971) FictionMan's Estate [also titled The Ninth Marquess] (1972) FictionRansom (1973) FictionPeter's Pence (1974) FictionThe Safe House (1975) FictionA Sound of Lightning (1976) FictionHigh Road to China (1977) FictionVortex (1977) FictionThe Beaufort Sisters (1979) FictionA Very Private War (1980) FictionThe Faraway Drums (1981) FictionThe Golden Sabre (1981) FictionSpearfield's Daughter (1982) FictionThe Phoenix Tree (1984) FictionCity of Fading Light (1985) FictionDragons at the Party (1987) FictionNow and Then, Amen (1988) FictionBabylon South (1989) FictionMurder Song (1990) FictionPride's Harvest (1991) FictionDark Summer (1992) FictionBleak Spring (1993) FictionAutumn Maze (1994) FictionWinter Chill (1995) FictionEndpeace (1996) FictionA Different Turf (1997) FictionFive Ring Circus (1998) FictionDilemma (1999) FictionThe Bear Pit (2000) FictionYesterday's Shadow (2001) FictionThe Easy Sin (2002) FictionDegrees of Connection (2003) FictionMiss Ambar Regrets (2006) FictionMorning's Gone (2006) FictionFour-cornered Circle (2007) Fiction

You Can't See Round Corners (1947) Fiction

The Long Shadow (1949) Fiction

Just Let Me Be [republished 1990 as You, the Jury] (1950) Fiction

The Sundowners (1952) Fiction

The Climate of Courage [also titled Naked in the Night] (1954) Fiction

Justin Bayard [also titled Dust in the Sun] (1955) Fiction

The Green Helmet (1957) Fiction

Back of Sunset (1959) Fiction

North from Thursday (1960) Fiction

The Country of Marriage (1962) Fiction

A Flight of Chariots (1963) Fiction

Forests of the Night (1963) Fiction

The Fall of an Eagle (1964) Fiction

The High Commissioner (1966) Fiction

The Pulse of Danger (1966) Fiction

The Long Pursuit (1967) Fiction

Season of Doubt (1968) Fiction

Remember Jack Hoxie (1969) Fiction

Helga's Web (1970) Fiction

Mask of the Andes [also titled The Liberators] (1971) Fiction

Man's Estate [also titled The Ninth Marquess] (1972) Fiction

Ransom (1973) Fiction

Peter's Pence (1974) Fiction

The Safe House (1975) Fiction

A Sound of Lightning (1976) Fiction

High Road to China (1977) Fiction

Vortex (1977) Fiction

The Beaufort Sisters (1979) Fiction

A Very Private War (1980) Fiction

The Faraway Drums (1981) Fiction

The Golden Sabre (1981) Fiction

Spearfield's Daughter (1982) Fiction

The Phoenix Tree (1984) Fiction

City of Fading Light (1985) Fiction

Dragons at the Party (1987) Fiction

Now and Then, Amen (1988) Fiction

Babylon South (1989) Fiction

Murder Song (1990) Fiction

Pride's Harvest (1991) Fiction

Dark Summer (1992) Fiction

Bleak Spring (1993) Fiction

Autumn Maze (1994) Fiction

Winter Chill (1995) Fiction

Endpeace (1996) Fiction

A Different Turf (1997) Fiction

Five Ring Circus (1998) Fiction

Dilemma (1999) Fiction

The Bear Pit (2000) Fiction


Subjects: Literature.

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