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Macromolecular trafficking between Nicotiana tabacum and the holoparasite Cuscuta reflexa

Structural and Immunological Characterization of the Cuscuta pentagona L. Chloroplast

Arabinogalactan Proteins Accumulate in the Cell Walls of Searching Hyphae of the Stem Parasitic Plants, Cuscuta campestris and Cuscuta japonica

Plastid genome structure and loss of photosynthetic ability in the parasitic genus Cuscuta

Phytochrome Participation in Induction of Haustoria in Cuscuta japonica, a Holoparasitic Flowering Plant

Transfer of phloem-mobile substances from the host plants to the holoparasite Cuscuta sp.

Organization of Vascular Cells in the Haustorium of the Parasitic Flowering Plant Cuscuta japonica

Physical Dormancy in Seeds of the Holoparasitic Angiosperm Cuscuta australis (Convolvulaceae, Cuscuteae): Dormancy-breaking Requirements, Anatomy of the Water Gap and Sensitivity Cycling

Influence of the obligate parasite Cuscuta campestris on growth and biomass allocation of its host Mikania micrantha

Influence of the obligate parasite Cuscuta campestris on growth and biomass allocation of its host Mikania micrantha

The influence of the holoparasitic plant Cuscuta campestris on the growth and photosynthesis of its host Mikania micrantha

Haustoria of Cuscuta japonica, a Holoparasitic Flowering Plant, Are Induced by the Cooperative Effects of Far-Red Light and Tactile Stimuli

Plastid genome evolution across the genus Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae): two clades within subgenus Grammica exhibit extensive gene loss

Testing the Phylogenetic Position of a Parasitic Plant (Cuscuta, Convolvulaceae, Asteridae): Bayesian Inference and the Parametric Bootstrap on Data Drawn from Three Genomes

Sink-stimulated photosynthesis, increased transpiration and increased demand-dependent stimulation of nitrate uptake: nitrogen and carbon relations in the parasitic association Cuscuta reflexa-Coleus blumei

Developmental Regulation of a Gene Coding for a Low-Molecular-Weight Heat Shock Protein during Haustorium Formation in the Seedlings of a Holoparasitic Plant, Cuscuta japonica


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(dodder; family Convolvulaceae)

A genus of climbing plants that are parasitic on many crop plants, to which they can cause serious damage. They have no green tissue, but thin, herbaceous stems and small flowers in ebracteate clusters. There are about 145 species of tropical and temperate regions. They have become widespread along with the host plants.

Subjects: Plant Sciences and Forestry.

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