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except for

except for

Empty Except for Indians Early Impressions of Navajo Rangeland

Asks for Nothing Except to Serve

Korea: Liberalization for All, Except for Chaebŏl Workers

There is a remedy for everything except death

remedy for everything except death, there is a

There is a REMEDY for everything except death

Fr ´Echet Differentiability Except For Γ‎-Null Sets

remedy for everything except death, there is a

Betrization Is the Worst Solution… Except for All Others

VI.7 Vaccine recommendations for patients on chronic HD (except HB vaccination)

No X-Ray Excess from the HESS J1741−302 Region, except for a New Intermediate Polar Candidate

Of a ship that sank in the Ocean Sea1 three hundred leagues from land; of how all the people on board survived for twelve days in the ship's boat without drinking or eating anything except for two pounds of hardtack.

Agreement between Great Britain and Japan for increasing the Limit of Weight of Packets of Patterns or Samples of Merchandise exchanged through the Post between British Colonies and Possessions (except India, Canada, and the Australasian Colonies) and Japan, signed at London, 27 April/Tokio, 19 June 1893

Hooykaas PJJ, Hall MA, Libbenga KR, eds. 1999. Biochemistry and molecular biology of plant hormones. 541 pp.+xxii. Amsterdam: Elsevier. 415 guilders+VAT. Tsekos I, Moustakas M, eds. 1998. Progress in botanical research. 632 pp. London: Kluwer Academic Publishers. £177. Ainsworth CC. 1999. Sex determination in plants. 244 pp. Oxford: Bios Scientific Publishers. £65.00 (hardback). Laisk A, Oja V. 1998. Dynamics of leaf photosynthesis: rapid-response measurements and their interpretations. 160 pp. Collingwood Australia: CISRO Publishing. £39.95 (softback). Zimdahl RL. 1999. Fundamentals of weed science. 2nd edn. 556 pp. San Diego: Academic Press. US $59.95 (hardback). Arie Altman, ed. 1998. Agricultural biotechnology. 770 pp. New York, Basel, Hong Kong: Marcel Dekker. $195. Liese W. 1998. The anatomy of bamboo culms. INBAR Technical Report No. 18. 204 pp. Beijing: International Network for Bamboo And Rattan. US$25+$3 air mail, except: Bangladesh, Ghana, Honduras, Kenya, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Tanzania, Vietnam $10 and Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, Phillipines, Russia, South Africa and Thailand $14 (softback).


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A qualification by an auditor stating that the financial statements of the company audited give a true and fair view ‘except for’ the effects of any adjustments that might have been found necessary, had a limitation of scope not affected the evidence available. This limitation is not so significant that a disclaimer of opinion is required.

The auditor may also use the ‘except for’ opinion if he or she disagrees with the treatment or disclosure of a matter in the financial statements but concludes that the effect of the disagreement is not so significant that an adverse opinion is required. An opinion is expressed, which is qualified by stating that the financial statements give a true and fair view except for the effects of the matter giving rise to the disagreement. See also qualified audit report.

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