expression of requirements

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expression of requirements

expression of requirements

Temporary Expression of the TAF10 Gene and its Requirement for Normal Development of Arabidopsis thaliana

Genetic requirements for the expression of benzylamine dehydrogenase activity in Pseudomonas putida

Inhibition of muscle-specific gene expression by Id3: requirement of the C-terminal region of the protein for stable expression and function

Functional Expression of Nitrile Hydratase in Escherichia coli: Requirement of a Nitrile Hydratase Activator and Post-Translational Modification of a Ligand Cysteine

Differential expression of dehydrin in flower buds of two Japanese apricot cultivars requiring different chilling requirements for bud break

Expression and Regulation of the Gene for Arginase I in Mouse Salivary Glands: Requirement of CCAAT/Enhancer-Binding Protein a for the Expression in the Parotid Gland

Relaxed rrn expression and amino acid requirement of a Corynebacterium glutamicum rel mutant defective in (p)ppGpp metabolism

Isolation and characterization of four ethylene perception elements and their expression during ripening in pears (Pyrus communis L.) with/without cold requirement

Requirements for the natural killer cell-mediated induction of IgG1 and IgG2a expression in B lymphocytes

Requirement of GATA-binding protein 3 for Il13 gene expression in IL-18-stimulated Th1 cells

Lack of PPCA Expression only Partially Coincides with Lysosomal Storage in Galactosialidosis Mice: Indirect Evidence for Spatial Requirement of the Catalytic Rather than the Protective Function of PPCA

Requirement of Fut8 for the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2: a new mechanism for the emphysema-like changes observed in Fut8-deficient mice

Human colon cancer cells lacking Bax resist curcumin-induced apoptosis and Bax requirement is dispensable with ectopic expression of Smac or downregulation of Bcl-XL

RNA in the ejaculate spermatozoon: a window into molecular events in spermatogenesis and a record of the unusual requirements of haploid gene expression and post-meiotic equilibration.

Analysis of the Transient Increase in Cytosolic Ca2 + during the Action Potential of Higher Plants with High Temporal Resolution: Requirement of Ca2 + Transients for Induction of Jasmonic Acid Biosynthesis and PINII Gene Expression


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A statement of the requirements that some envisaged computer system (or program) is expected to meet. In order to define these requirements adequately, it is normally necessary for the expression of requirements to address not just the envisaged system but also the environment in which that system is to operate.

A good expression of requirements should be one of the earliest products of any system-development project, and for a project of significant size it is of crucial importance, not least because errors introduced at the requirements stage tend to be the most expensive to correct. Since it is the first reasonably complete description of any given system, its production presents several significant problems. In particular it may be necessary to obtain information from many individuals, none of whom have a full understanding of all aspects of the envisaged system.

The expression of requirements is a primary vehicle for communication between the procurers of a system and its developers. It is useful to distinguish between user requirements and system or software requirements. User requirements are stated briefly in natural language using the jargon of the problem domain and primarily defining the nature of the problem to be solved by the computer-based system. This description should be free from any solution bias. System or software requirements represent the first step toward a solution to the problem and should be based on an abstract model but omitting any detailed design or implementation bias.

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