Iūlius Caesar, Agrippa

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Youngest son of Vipsanius Agrippa and Iulia 2, b. in 12 bc after his father's death, was adopted by Augustus with Tiberius in ad 4, becoming Agrippa Iulius Caesar. He had a fine physique, but, perhaps because he fell foul of Augustus, reports of his personality were unfavourable: ferōcia (‘bloody‐mindedness’) is alleged. In ad 6 Augustus removed him from the Julian family, took over his property, and relegated him to Surrentum; in 7 the senate exiled him to Planasia. See islands; relegation; exile, Roman. Probably a defeat in the struggle for the succession caused his disgrace rather than simple personality defects: the settlement of ad 4 gave more power to Tiberius than Agrippa, his sister Iulia, and their associates could accept. Attempts to rescue him and put him at the head of a military insurrection are alleged. He was killed immediately after the death of Augustus in 14, it is not clear on whose instructions.

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