Loi Krathong

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Thai name for The Festival of Lights or The Festival of the Floating Boats, a popular celebration held in Burma.Thailand.and Laos on the full-moon day of November. The event takes place approximately one month after the planting of the rice crop, which is also one month after the end of the monastic rainy-season retreat (vassa). The festival also traditionally coincides with the preaching of the story of Prince Vessantara from the Vessantara Jātaka (see Desanā Mahājāti) but otherwise has no specific connection with Buddhism and appears to be agricultural in origin. The festivities involve the floating of small boats on which are placed lighted candles, incense, and small coins. Children may swim out to retrieve the most attractive boats and their cargoes of coins. The celebration is accompanied by picnics and fireworks, and may have some connection with the Hindu (see Hinduism) festival of Dīvālī which is also celebrated in October–November.

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